"Nancy was an essential part of my success in completing my first triathlon season.  She performed magic on my legs, calves especially, that helped me get through the discomfort and tightness between training runs.  I highly recommend Nancy's sports massage as part of a comprehensive exercise program-equally as important as training and nutrition."
Samir B - Triathlete
"Nancy is wondeful!  I was training for my first triathlon and was having issues wwith my shoulders and neck, and she helped take care of it.  Thank you Nancy!"
Kellie A - Triathlete
"I had the best sports massage with Nancy on Monday!  It helped me PR at Tuesday's time trial!"
Melissa S - Triathlete
"I used Nancy's expert services before my first Ironman...she worked out my late season calf knots and was a critical element of my success that day.  I get a massage or two before every major event.  The office is convenient, clean and relaxing...and her hours accommodate the busiest professionals and weekend warriors among us."
Leslie B - Triathlete